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ESBR Contributors

Below you’ll find more information about the writing and editorial staff behind Esports Betting Report. Click here to contact ESBR.

Joss WoodJoss Wood

Former editor of Poker Industry Pro, gambling industry expert focused on legal online gambling and sports betting issues. For ESBR, Joss spotlights the intersection of the burgeoning esports industry with that of gambling.

Matt PerryMatt Perry

Matt Perry has worked in the online gambling industry for nearly a decade. During this time he has contributed to a variety of publications focused on regulated online casinos and online poker as an editor, copywriter, content manager and reporter.

Will GreenWill Green

An analyst at the intersection of gambling, entertainment, and esports, Will worked as a writer and producer at Sports Illustrated, where he covered the sports gambling and daily fantasy sports industries. His work is currently featured at SI, as well as, Legal Sports Report, ESBR, and many other publications.

Dustin GoukerDustin Gouker

Dustin Gouker covers the daily fantasy sports industry as well as other topics related to sports betting as the editor of, in addition to writing about the regulated U.S. online gambling industry for a number of online publications.

Scott LongleyScott Longley

Scott Longley has been a journalist since the early noughties covering personal finance, sport and gambling. He has worked for a number of publications including Investor's Week, Bloomberg Money, Football First, eGaming Review and Gambling Compliance. He now runs his own editorial consultancy Clear Concise Media and writes for a number of online and print titles.

Laurence StanleyLaurence Stanley

Laurence has been involved in and contributing to various aspects of esports since 2007. After being featured in national press for his esports betting achievements, Laurence now spends time writing about esports and teaching others how to achieve similar success.

Cody LuongoCody Luongo

ESPN eSports analyst, Master's of Science and exploring the intricacies of competitive gaming. A communication specialist driven by understanding esports as a business and helping drive it to the next level of viewership & engagement. Favorite hobbies include sniping in Halo 2 and playing paintball on Sundays.

Mike KaufmanMike Kaufman

Mike Kaufman is a writer who covers eSports events and the eSports industry. He is based in New York.

Chris GroveChris Grove

Chris is the publisher of ESBR. Grove also serves as a consultant to various stakeholders in the regulated market for online gambling in the United States.

Dejan ZalikDejan Zalik

Dejan has been involved in gaming for over 10 years. Moving from classics like Diablo 2, Lineage 2, and Warcraft 3, he found his passion in Dota 2, which he’s been playing ever since. He writes for various esports-related publications and also enjoys reading about the industry.

Robert DellaFaveRobert DellaFave

New Jersey-based Robert DellaFave is the managing editor of He covers a wide range of topics in the regulated online gambling industry for OPR and numerous other publications. He is also a game designer and avid poker player.

Jared WynneJared Wynne

Jared Wynne has spent more than a decade working in the esports industry as a writer and consultant. His work on esports has been featured by a variety of publications and he has helped to build multiple media operations in the space.

Ollie RingOllie Ring

A man that used to work in finance until it all got a bit too boring! Ollie now freelances full-time specialising in esports with a particular interest in Dota 2.

Rachel PerryRachel Perry

Rachel is an avid gamer and covers the player side of the eSports world at For ESBR, Rachel turns her focus to developments in the ever-growing eSports industry. When she’s not busy writing or playing Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, and League of Legends, she can be found watching

Ken SerraKen Serra

Ken has been around the esports block more than a few times. Having been on both sides of the esports coin, he knows what to expect of players, managers, and owners. You can see him at gaming events, cheering on teams of all kinds, but always representing Team Liquid.

Jared MillerJared Miller

Jared started out in esports playing RTS tournaments online two weeks after dial up internet was installed at his residence and hasn't looked back since. A career in technology brought experience in a variety of fields including gaming, esports and daily fantasy sports. This experience combined with a love of numbers makes betting a natural fit.

Alex FletcherAlex Fletcher

Alex Fletcher is Founder & CEO at Entiva Group, an eSports strategic consulting firm committed to meeting the demands of companies that want to reach digitally-minded consumers. Based in the Washington DC area, he consults and advises with companies to ensure the best possible returns in the eSports industry.

Jeff IfrahJeff Ifrah

Jeff Ifrah is a founding member of the Ifrah Law Group, a D.C.-based practice with focus areas including iGaming, Internet advertising, FTC and CFTC enforcement and white collar counsel and defense.

Adam GertzAdam Gertz

Adam Gertz is an attorney based in Los Angeles California. He loves gaming and eSports in particular. He has written articles for esports Center. During Law School, he volunteered for the Video Game Bar Association and co-wrote an article on privacy policies. Besides gaming, he enjoys writing and reading science fiction, Philly sports, traveling, and spending time with his wife and new puppy.

Martin StuessyMartin Stuessy

TFT mourner. CS:GO addict. Philosophy @ Ohio State. English/German/Spanish/French in order of ability. Culturally confused.
Writes about esports, CS:GO and other topics. Follow @MartinStuessy on Twitter.

Mike StubbsMike Stubbs

Mike is a freelance journalist who has written for a variety of publications ranging from traditional games outlets such as PC Gamer, Pocket Gamer and God is a Geek, through to more mainstream brands such as Vice, Playboy, RedBull and The International Business Times. He's an eSports enthusiast, and editor of eSports Pro over on MCV.

Guy PasquillGuy Pasquill

Fighting the good fight; UK Esports fanatic. @GuyPasquill